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Navigation Service

Streamline calculates your flight plan and includes detailed air traffic restrictions and notams. We also advise you on the best practical routing for your individual requirements. We can e-mail you the CFP or send it via fax, SITA, AFTN or Telex. You can order them delivered to your hotel, office or ground handling agent. State-of-the-art features include:

  • Optimized route and altitude selection for the lowest fuel burn or fastest flight time
  • Current and forecast weather for all altitudes
  • Complete fuel, time, and weight calculations
  • Route, fuel, and weather details calculated at each en-route waypoint
  • A pre-formatted АТС flight plan, in either the U.S. or ICAO standard and fully
  • IFPS compatible
  • Equal Time Points (ETPs), driftdown, and en-route reclearance

All we need is information about your departure point, intended destination and a few details about the aircraft. In return we suggest a route and supply АТС flight plans for each leg based on the following considerations:

  • Limitations of aircraft performance and range with IFR reserves
  • Current known political situation
  • Any politically sensitive areas for those onboard
  • Timeframe and ease of obtaining permissions, where required
  • Expected levels of ground handling service along the suggested route
  • Fuel availability at airports
  • Airport suitability for aircraft type, customs and immigration requirements, etc.

As this service is only an initial planning exercise, it usually does not account for:

  • Temporary airport restrictions, either current or future.
  • Airport weather, current or forecast
  • A guarantee of fuel availability at time of airport use.

You certainly would not depart without knowing the weather at your destination and appropriate alternates.

We attach the weather information to your flight plan. It is comprised of a 18,9 and 8 hour terminal area forecast (TAF) and the last three METARS (hourly aviation weather).

Streamline OPS can also provide you with colour graphic weather maps in either satellite depictions, significant weather, or wind and temperatures aloft at various levels.